How do I describe thee?

Do you exist beyond the letters that make you?

Are you the first light of a new day?

Are you a blooming rose?

Or you as soft as newborn’s nose?

Are you the gentle breeze on a gloomy noon?

Do you come on time or sometimes too soon?

Are you the waves that lash that shore?

Are you the lilac sky going against the orange hues of the sunset?

Are you as beautiful as a pure smile?

Are you two souls that wait a while

before they separate?

Are you the moon that stares at the dark side of the earth?

Are you a star that glitters through the night.

Are you the last goodbye

Or the first sight?

Do you exist after we tear apart

Or did you exist between us as one

Are you a faint hope in the bad world?

Or are you our only chance at life?

Who are you?


Tarot Poem

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

I set out with the world in my hand

Sun above my head

The star dressed my night sky

Then came the devil,

I fell head over heels

He was my moon

I was his justice

We were the lovers


We set out to conquer as the Emperor and the Empress

But, then came a day, our tower came tumbling down

He transformed into an evil magician

All I got was the hanged man

Cups spilt over

Bad blood is drawn from the swords

No more wands

Pentacles were out of my reach


I withdrew, I became the hermit

I turned to the hierophant

I trained for strength

But I was led towards temperance

I let my old self-die, after the death

I was greeted by the fool


When the judgement day finally arrived

The wheel of fortune moved ahead

As I gracefully got back on my chariot

Now the high priestess guides my way

And again I set out

with the world in my hand

Sun above my head

The star dressed my night sky

But this time the devil won’t get my soul.






November Sun

I believed storms make

Greater scenes for love

Until I saw the golden rays of sun

Peeking through the window

And radiating through your face

Who’d say fire was so breathtaking

Unless they saw you that evening

Comfortable in your own skin

Over a cup of tea

Reading Murakami

As I experiment with my phone camera

And my substandard skills

Trying to capture the moment

And failing miserably

Listening to the soundtrack, Bugs

Kissing you in my head

Dying a little on the inside

Trying hard to not spoil this moment

You look up for a brief moment

And smile

How’d you know, you been residing

In my heart, for a while now

The sun in its full glory

Graciously shines on a cold November evening

I believed words were beautiful

Until silence made more sense

Lost in our own separate worlds

Now intertwined

Soon, the sun would say goodbye

And you’d still read away to the night

While I’d listen to bugs on a loop

And we’d crash on the same bed as

The day ends

You’d pass out to dream

And I would reminisce your golden face

Radiated by the sun