To My Millenial Lover

Epistles: Epistolary poems, from the Latin “epistula” for “letter,” are, quite literally, poems that read as letters. As poems of direct address, they can be intimate and colloquial or formal and measured.

What did we know of love when we began
What do we know of it right now
Except that when it’s right, it is
But every time, I cast a glance at you
I feel it in my bones
And so do you
You remind me all things familiar,
As if you’ve always been a part
Of this bruised broken heart

We both sat near the window
As we watched ships sail through
“I am incapable of feeling”, you lamented
I wept for all of my broken dreams
What were we then?
Mere strangers who held a piece of each other
Kissed away my tears, you and
I ran my cold hands across your warm face
What other intoxication did we wish for

We are lovers
Masquerading as friends
Chasing Sunsets
Painting night skies
Talking dreams
As if we are back in school
You face glows cherry red when you blush
We rush each other at times
Sometimes we hush

What did we know of love when we began
What do we know of it right now
Maybe we should get together again
Trace crevices of our moons
So let me know, my darling
If you ever happen to come to my part of town
Beside the grand old station
Next to the fort that stands gracefully in ruins
And let’s paint it red



Tarot Poem

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

I set out with the world in my hand

Sun above my head

The star dressed my night sky

Then came the devil,

I fell head over heels

He was my moon

I was his justice

We were the lovers


We set out to conquer as the Emperor and the Empress

But, then came a day, our tower came tumbling down

He transformed into an evil magician

All I got was the hanged man

Cups spilt over

Bad blood is drawn from the swords

No more wands

Pentacles were out of my reach


I withdrew, I became the hermit

I turned to the hierophant

I trained for strength

But I was led towards temperance

I let my old self-die, after the death

I was greeted by the fool


When the judgement day finally arrived

The wheel of fortune moved ahead

As I gracefully got back on my chariot

Now the high priestess guides my way

And again I set out

with the world in my hand

Sun above my head

The star dressed my night sky

But this time the devil won’t get my soul.






Christmas night

In my mind I kept having this simple idea

About me and you

Where we sit on the stairs of my home

On a Christmas night

Sipping on hot chocolate

You and I sit on the stairs and

My dogs snuggle close by

It’s not a cold night you know

At my place

It is warm, humid, a breath of air

The smell is a marriage between sea and forests

That is solemnized by the underrated hills

It is where I grew up

You will tell me, how you ate some of the best pork that night

And I wonder how I almost ended up with a guy who hated pork

I let out a laugh and you pester me

You ask me the reason and I

Tell you that it’s the wine from the dinner

That has me dizzy

I show you fireflies and the glowing eyes at the distance

I tell you that it’s a wild cat

And you say “I could live here forever”

I am amazed how you never complained about anything the entire night

How is your face so bright

In a land so foreign to you

Maybe I was looking for someone like you

My heart craved you every Christmas night

Somewhere a part of me missed your presence just maybe

Otherwise why would Christmas suddenly look so serene

Like your beautiful face

Maybe that night will give you a new side

To me, to us

I hope you will love me more as the night ends