The best thing

The best thing to do at this moment
Is to place one word after another
Bead them together
Wishing it’d make us feel better
When it’s done
As if these words give birth
A new lease of life

The best thing to do at this moment
Is to let you go
So you may one day find your
Way back to me

The best thing to do at this moment
Is choose my words
Intricately like picking beads of different
Sizes and colours
To weave a necklace
As if the necklace either adds to my life
Or just chokes me to death

The best thing to do at this moment
Is to let you go
So you may one day find your
Way back to me

The best thing to do at this moment
Is to hope that you really buy
These words
That stem like mini explosives from the
Root of my throat
As a parting gift.
Hoping this is not a goodbye
At least not yet.

The best thing to do at this moment
Is to let you go
So you may one day find your
Way back to me


My villain is a good man

The villain of my story is a good man
He despises the evil
He’s a man who’s not aware
That he is the evil
He reads himself on paper every day
“Oh Lord” he goes on to sigh
My poor villain
doesn’t realize they are talking about him
He doesn’t have a clue
For my villain is a good man
He helps every passerby
Goes out of his way, to see that they have a life
Give sermons against all the bad
he does
For he is oblivious
He says do not kill
He kills thousands in a single breath
He says do not lie
He is not capable of the truth
He says, disowns violence
He hires goons to beat up his wife
But my villain is a good man
He has his reasons
A strong validation
For the guilty deserved to be punished
He believes
And he punishes
For he loves them first
And he derides them next
My villain is a God on earth
He wants to heal
He loves to help
If you are lonely, he is like your self
But you have to worship him, you have to bow
For the villain is a good man
and he deserves his prize
My villain wants to be rich
to help the poor
He has empathy for someone
incapable of a feeling toward another
It’s his universe, and you are just a creature
A good man, my villain
He weeps for the dead, the same dead he
once mocked, he wished to kill
But he despises tyrants
He says their tears are watercolors
Now he sheds tears of blood
He doesn’t meet his flock
He graces them with his grandiose presence
He says “My people, I have been a victim”
His folk naive bears his wrath
Now he’s the hero they love to loathe
But my villain is a good man
For he believes so


My Body Remembers You

My body writes it all down

Notes every time she comes across another;

Every scratch of the nail against her bare back

Every flutter of your lashes

It remembers all of it in flashes,

Every tooth that dug into the lip

Drawing streams of red,

Every clutch of her waist

Trespasses and passing touches

Each whispered word on her earlobes

Every tug of her strands

If he is lucky she lets him inside her mind.

She relishes, savors the taste of him

But sometimes, she throws up

every cruel word he says,

He may not know her

But she remembers his hand print

His shoe size between her breasts

When he wandered through the valley

That connects her to generations that

Have passed on

She remembers the oppression,

The suppression against the walls that they built for her

She fights back, she caves in

She remembers every minute touch on her skin

Every aah that has risen from deep within,

She sees every look he throws at her

as a piercing glance that tears through her chest,

Sometimes stops at her breasts.

Some look through her eyes

He sees her light making love to her dark

He radiates the glow and he feels the burn.

She remembers how he smells

She inhales from him

every lease of life.

Her heartbeat against the side of his face

It doesn’t beat for him

It’s running it’s own race.

She writes it down

When you intrude,

As you enter the sanctum

and the sacristy, when you touch

Every forbidden holy space,

She only feels as much

As she allows herself to

She’s alive like a hurricane

She’s dead at times too.

She shudders, at times she roars

Lets it be but sometimes she scrubs

Her clean,

Banishing you from her zone;

I let her decide her vibe

For the body, they say, never lies



My son Sid

His Thomas kept falling in the ditch

O’er and o’er and o’er again

He wakes me up at 6

“Mama, Thomas fell in the ditch”

He says no good morning

No good night, no good day

Just Thomas falling in the ditch

He screams at my every touch, like

His body has third degree burns

My child, mine but not yet

He holds his Thomas engine and runs

Around the house

Whole day, in circles

Like my relationship with him

For all the vocabulary he’d inherited from me

All he retains:

“Thomas fell in the ditch”

I wish I could save Thomas

For once,

But I guess, Thomas has to keep falling

In the same ditch

At least it makes Sid happy


We sleep…

Inspired by Palestine Refugee camp

We sleep in tents
Inside the camps across the line
That separates nations
His teeth dig into my skin
As if barbed wire pierce through the trespassers,
My screams are muffled
He holds my mouth with his wet palms
To hush up
Not to draw too much attention

Sand flies across the land
Border lights glow as if stars in the night
Dewdrops trickle down our faces
My lover; runs his nails
From my toe
through my spine
Tugging my strands
Not so soft anymore
My hair has weathered storms

Gunshots are heard at a distance
More blood tonight
My land, their land,
A little child has no land

He pulls my clothes away from my body
And pulls down his pants
Every gunshot makes my body shiver
He holds me close
I can hear
Chaos, a mother weeps
As he tastes my quivering lips,
My broken lips now bleed
From the military strikes

A silhouette of the crowd are protesting the refuge
The refuge is a prison now
Oh, the irony
The protectors are the real destroyers
The world watches as we burn
In the fire that consumes us

My shivering palms run through his chest
I grab his skin and dig my nails into his rib
Blood forms a teardrop
As he moans
Wriggles in pain
He holds me so close
So firm

More people leave us tonight
They become stars
But we no longer weep
For our hearts are frozen numb

He holds my neck
As he intrudes my sanctity
He enters the inner sanctum
The temple doors are open
The wind makes flame flicker
As people bicker
On both sides of the fence

Our Gods are the same,
But do they even care
Intruding, invading our spaces
The cruel wind slaps my breasts

I sigh
More gunshots
More cries
They are getting closer

Flying machines unleash the fury
Lighting up the night sky
As if it’s a festival of spirits
Leaving our world

He chokes me
And looks into my eyes
His eyes pointed towards the sky
Tears rush down
Pierce our cheeks like ice
When the world around is destroyed
Tonight we create life.

And then they come for us.




The aftertaste of your love

On my tongue

The excess of sweetness

Not that of candies and chocolates

But the twisted overdose

Of whiskey with crystallised sugar

That soaked in your skin as if

I was romancing a bottle

Of my doom

In the dark corners of your room

Lit in fluorescent

And tinted sunlight,

The creaking of the bed

To the sounds of your skin

Running against mine

The friction, the pain

It was a desert storm

Not the soothing rain

To the silence of our empty house

Screeching in each other’s ears

The look of rage

Into the eyes of lust

On a sultry afternoon

Like entangles kites that burn in the heat

of the scorching sun

While we are set ablaze in flames

Of your fiery desires

Healing my throbbing nerves

And curing your sleeplessness

Leaving an aftertaste of your sweet love

On my bitter tongue



How do I describe thee?

Do you exist beyond the letters that make you?

Are you the first light of a new day?

Are you a blooming rose?

Or you as soft as newborn’s nose?

Are you the gentle breeze on a gloomy noon?

Do you come on time or sometimes too soon?

Are you the waves that lash that shore?

Are you the lilac sky going against the orange hues of the sunset?

Are you as beautiful as a pure smile?

Are you two souls that wait a while

before they separate?

Are you the moon that stares at the dark side of the earth?

Are you a star that glitters through the night.

Are you the last goodbye

Or the first sight?

Do you exist after we tear apart

Or did you exist between us as one

Are you a faint hope in the bad world?

Or are you our only chance at life?

Who are you?