And it is a curse,

That I still hear your voice in my head

Every night

As I lay on my bed

Counting sheep beneath the stars

I hear you whisper

I escape


Running every mile

To get away from you

The closer it gets me to your door

An unlikely thief

Making no mischief

I wander into your home

Turning lights on and back off

Music in your bedroom,

Unique symphony of the sitar

You are asleep

And I sit next to you

You, my sleeping soulmate

“Wake up now”, my lips whisper to yours

You twitch, you move

“Come to me”, you utter in your sleep

Pull me close

And I sleep peacefully in your hold

When I wake up

You are gone and

I am alone again


And it is a curse,

I still hear your voice in my head

Every morning

As I lay on my bed

Only the sheep are missing

And stars invisible

It was all another dream

Again today, you don’t come back

And I don’t move forward




























You and I

You and I
Are an old-school romance
Struck by chance
At a friend’s dance

You and I
Feel the vibe
But confused and lost in our own tribe
Our connection, we fail to transcribe

You and I
Writers in our own right
Words fail, our tongues we bite
But our lips find each other, every night

You and I
Move in waves
In separation, your touch I crave
The faint fragrance, of your aftershave

You and I
Taking turns to relish, on subways
On winter nights and summer days
Sometimes making love, other times a mere play

You and I
Earth and air
Secretive you, I lay my soul bare
Conspired by universe, this complicated affair

You and I
As if soul friends or just strangers
Of the night, through adventures and dangers
Old souls at heart holding the spirit of crazy teenagers