Serial Killer

Another found dead, the newspaper read
13th man in the series
Baffled the police and the politics
How were men dying?
One after another on their own bed
Helplessly handcuffed, their hair chopped off
The question arose who was capable of this gory crime?

All men die the same way, goes the saying
Who knew it was so precisely accurate
For they were stabbed right in the chest
To end all suffering, most died with their eyes open
The killer looked them in the eye
Before they died

Alas, if only the dead eyes could speak
It would solve this murder mystery
The police burned the midnight lamp
Patterns traced and data analyzed
Everyone was different, had no connection
To each other, but somehow connected to the killer

This was one of the first time where men felt
What was otherwise reserved for women
The misfortune befell because men were men
Ashamed, afraid to acknowledge pain, fear, and suffering

No one knew who was next
A promising cop was assigned to the case
Overworked, tired, no time no life
Finally one day left him his wife
He was smart, a top in his class

And there was a mystery that was taking away his joy
It was playing with his mind, teasing and seducing him
One day, late after office he signed up on swiping site
Found ladies happy, beautiful and bright
Swiped and swiped all the way right

After all, a man needs a lady, like a cigarette, needs the fire
It matched to a lady with big brown eyes
There was warmth in her, a beautiful soul and all things nice
He found she was smart, she found him wise

He opened up to her little by little followed by a lot
The serial killer was on his mind
“I will catch the man before I die”, he said
“May your wish come true”, she said nodding her head

She was a patient listener to a man in crisis
And then one day they met,
The dined and they danced,
It was meeting of chance

As the night progressed, he drew close
“What if I am the serial killer,” she said
As she moved her fingers on his lips
and laughed out loud

“It’s a man’s job love”, he said
As smirked filled his lips
He kissed her kind and kissed her hard
They drove to bed, and she tied him up
Blinded him and kissed him wild

She held his cheek and tugged his hair
Held a knife to his chest and he opened his eyes
“How would you like finally find the killer, darling?”, is all she asked
“Tell me why”, he wanted to ask but,
Words failed him, as faded his day
With his dying breath, he did solve the case
But he wouldn’t be alive, he’d lose that race

“Well well well then”, she smiled at him,
She cast him a glance,
“What a shame”, is what she said
As she looked him in the eye and stabbed his chest