Once upon a time in Mumbai …

Every morning
He walked past her,
Watering Tulsi outside on the balcony
A young man,
Curly haired, long face, wore shoes
With denim jacket and white pants
With his bullet
Rose colored lens
He lived in the 70s while we walked into 90s
She was a woman in 30s she looked like
she just stepped into 20s
Her modest sarees clad body
Don’t let that fool you
Until you see her Kohl lined eyes
Or till you see her through his sight

He’d park his bike, at a perfect angle
To get a second glance
Of her face
She looked at him whenever he didn’t
But somewhere both waited for
The morning
For that one moment of scandal
In their otherwise sober life

She turns left,
He changes his side to the right
Every night
The restlessness, the weird pull
The tension of the summer rain
Looming over humid skies
Forbidden looks so tempting
Through their eyes
Her husband paid her attention
Now in money, and
Somedays when he wanted a child
He was a single soul
Vagabond, shy, women found him attractive
But he was just a grown child

Every sunrise
Bought them together
As he passed by, her body came alive
Some electric forces pulled them together
As she climbed her stairs
And he was running down
And they almost crashed into each other
She smiled
He was sly
Her husband walked past them
As if he was never alive
With her

Straightens her saree
As he flicks his curls
He descends over her
As she steps down
Probably, a long down from
What defines her

He pins her to the wall,
At the corner of the spiral staircase
It was a rainy morning
Surprise thunderstorms rocked the earth
While he placed his hand beside her head
And with the other
He roved o’er his neck
She traced her fingers on his lips
Her soft, firm movements
She made music on them

The young boy could take no more
He wasn’t ever touched this way
No one ever felt him away
He proceeded closer with his eyes
Rolled to the sky
He covered his mouth
As he looked at her for a while
He flicked his hand through the end
Of her face
Way down, swirling over her neck
And she closed her eyes
Her kohl kept him awake
He’d never sleep again

He kissed her hand
She kissed her hand
Lips fought them to reach each other
But her beautiful hand
Was now damp
From the leaky roof, droplets from the rain
Hit her forehead and slipped down
He traced them on her nose
When they reached her lips
Her hand came off
And they kissed
While his nails etched her waist

Her saree slipped through the shoulder
He placed his hand in between
The rain poured like
An unexpected stranger
Droplets trickled down her face
Quenching then
All those thirst filled nights
Sleepless touching themselves
Her touch felt his fire
His feel was ice
As they were about to burn in desire

Her toddler,
Called her out,
She freed herself from his hold
And returned home
While he walked into the rain
And rode his bike

Monsoons were just beginning.

The photo was used from Pinterest.com


My Body Remembers You

My body writes it all down

Notes every time she comes across another;

Every scratch of the nail against her bare back

Every flutter of your lashes

It remembers all of it in flashes,

Every tooth that dug into the lip

Drawing streams of red,

Every clutch of her waist

Trespasses and passing touches

Each whispered word on her earlobes

Every tug of her strands

If he is lucky she lets him inside her mind.

She relishes, savors the taste of him

But sometimes, she throws up

every cruel word he says,

He may not know her

But she remembers his hand print

His shoe size between her breasts

When he wandered through the valley

That connects her to generations that

Have passed on

She remembers the oppression,

The suppression against the walls that they built for her

She fights back, she caves in

She remembers every minute touch on her skin

Every aah that has risen from deep within,

She sees every look he throws at her

as a piercing glance that tears through her chest,

Sometimes stops at her breasts.

Some look through her eyes

He sees her light making love to her dark

He radiates the glow and he feels the burn.

She remembers how he smells

She inhales from him

every lease of life.

Her heartbeat against the side of his face

It doesn’t beat for him

It’s running it’s own race.

She writes it down

When you intrude,

As you enter the sanctum

and the sacristy, when you touch

Every forbidden holy space,

She only feels as much

As she allows herself to

She’s alive like a hurricane

She’s dead at times too.

She shudders, at times she roars

Lets it be but sometimes she scrubs

Her clean,

Banishing you from her zone;

I let her decide her vibe

For the body, they say, never lies


We pour together tonight


Between these moments of solitude

You blow smoke out of the window,

I paint

And you self-destruct

In the same space.

Each wants the other to leave

But no one moves,

Lost in tune

You move,

and paint your hand across my face

through the center of my bosom

Parting my feet

And burying your mind between my soul

There you dance,

As I groove

Your words make their way all the way up

to my mind

Then the sultry weather reeks

of an unprecedented storm

I see grey and shades of blue

Like love

slips through cracks

of our existence

Your fingers slide through mine

The warmer breeze cools down

Against intricate parts of my soul

You wander deep inside,

And you rush out,

Do my depths scare you, oh my love?

You loiter around

And night brings the unruly heat down

Down to ice

But a sudden frost bite

Makes me shriek, and the lightning strikes

The sky and I,

We pour together tonight












Early Summer Evenings

I watch him sprawled like a Syrian cat

While the sun hits his face

From the kitchen window

He bites his lower lip

I laugh

We have played too much of this game

I don’t move an inch

He doesn’t either

Winter fades in the background

He is my summer obsession

Trend of the season

My eyes run through his skin

Radiating sun,

Golden glow

Staring into my eyes

And I stare back at his

I fooled the world into thinking

I could never look in someone’s eyes

Oh I would spend eternity in his

And he would gladly reside in mine

The clock ticks rapidly into the sunset

As ships sail in the distance

Waves lash the shore

We live in the distance between his naked body

And my clothed self

“I have somewhere to be”, I say

I smile again as I leave through the door

He still bites his lip as he watches me go



There is a strange melancholy

In the air

When I leave these city streets behind me

Into the wilderness

The scent of your skin

Is pulling me back in

The desire within

Fluorescent lights your face

Incandescent mine

A part of me caresses your neck

You are busy, but what the heck

Craning my head from your left

Biting your lips

While my frozen hands seek you

Your heart and it’s beat

The ribs and your gut

Hey what does it say

I walk around

Hold the armrest

Bend over

Burn your lips with my fire

And your neck with coldness in my soul

Pull your tshirt over your head

Oh hey! Don’t say a word

Let me hear you moan

As my hands scurry

To your manhood

Trace it

From the tip to the joint

And cup the moons of your galaxy

And get a taste of you

Inside my mouth

While you hold my hair

Don’t say anything it’s not fair

You will get your time

You will have your share

Your manhood slides in and out

It’s hot it’s cold

It feels my tongue

Oh until, the blood rushes out your face

And the sun goes down

And we are both lit by the same red light

Radiating to our skin

I take you in

You masculine

To my feminine

And the war of humanity

We tread, and we trample

We pull hair

And we hold hands

Get a grip of the ground beneath us

While our bodies produce sparks

And I bite your lips

I walk around

Lean in from your left

And my hands withdraw

And I backtrack way back

Outside the city

In the air,

There is a strange melancholy


The ritual of healing

I settled in the shower

Stripped to my skin

Crashed on the cold floor

Let my body transfer heat to the walls

Closed my eyes

And let out a breath

Let the burning hot water touch every inch

It was then I realised

I burned in places, scarred, torn and ripped apart

The muscles knotted in places

And churned at the feel of the water

“Oh my poor body”, I exclaimed

The agony it went through

Because of the wars fought inside my head

And for the first time

It burned, crying for attention

Bleeding in places

Hair grown all over

A few extra inches of waist

And chin

We don’t talk enough about how body suffers

Do we?

I sat under the hot water till my skin shriveled

“I am sorry”, I exclaimed to self

Moving my fingers through most blessed

And glorified parts of what makes me,

A woman

And my body fought on par with my mind

For the first time

I made love to self

To the parts of body that brought me shame

Moaning, groaning, weeping and wailing

The answer was here all through

Inside the walls of my deep dark self

The path less treaded in love

More in boundaries of relationships

And I walked in and hovered around

Felt my own strength

Hidden and shunned away

And when the hot water hit my body

One last time

I rained wildfire

And the warrior was back home

To heal from wounds of a lost battle

For the war was still yet to be won

And battle to be forgotten