We’ll live in pictures.

And we will only remain in pictures


They will look at our still faces

Remember us in full glory

Naked, as sunset pours in

Smoking some weed

Sipping some wine

Rebelling against this life set for us

And you take the back door

Like an intruder

Pushing me against the window

As smoke covers us

Darling Notre Dame is on fire

And I wail and

You push

And I moan

As the fire rages

In myriad shades of destruction

The people gather on the ground

Unaware of us

As I turn over and take control

The heat radiates through the city

The firefighters swarm like flies

And sparks fly

As if sky is in love with the Notre Dame

They say it stands like sun among the stars

I clench my fists

I curl my toes

And rage against you

As the lady of Paris takes on the fire

The magnifique glows

People sing Ave Maria

In a chorus that ring through my ears

As you feast on them

Teardrops roll from my eyes

To your lips

And I scream

As you cover every corner

Is it too late now to stop

Can I salvage parts of self

And squeeze my legs together

You grip the window grill

And our eyes point towards the sky

As the spire comes down

So we do we on the bare floor


We take a final picture

Of the Notre Dame

With our perspiring skin

Glowing like gold in the dark

Holding for each other’s lives

As the the Dame radiates

In myriad shades of red and orange.

Darling all beautiful things

come to an end

All beautiful things

Including you and I

And we will live

In motion pictures.

Pic Courtesy: Twitter



There is a strange melancholy

In the air

When I leave these city streets behind me

Into the wilderness

The scent of your skin

Is pulling me back in

The desire within

Fluorescent lights your face

Incandescent mine

A part of me caresses your neck

You are busy, but what the heck

Craning my head from your left

Biting your lips

While my frozen hands seek you

Your heart and it’s beat

The ribs and your gut

Hey what does it say

I walk around

Hold the armrest

Bend over

Burn your lips with my fire

And your neck with coldness in my soul

Pull your tshirt over your head

Oh hey! Don’t say a word

Let me hear you moan

As my hands scurry

To your manhood

Trace it

From the tip to the joint

And cup the moons of your galaxy

And get a taste of you

Inside my mouth

While you hold my hair

Don’t say anything it’s not fair

You will get your time

You will have your share

Your manhood slides in and out

It’s hot it’s cold

It feels my tongue

Oh until, the blood rushes out your face

And the sun goes down

And we are both lit by the same red light

Radiating to our skin

I take you in

You masculine

To my feminine

And the war of humanity

We tread, and we trample

We pull hair

And we hold hands

Get a grip of the ground beneath us

While our bodies produce sparks

And I bite your lips

I walk around

Lean in from your left

And my hands withdraw

And I backtrack way back

Outside the city

In the air,

There is a strange melancholy


Wake Me

Wake me,

Wake me up, please

Don’t let me lose myself

In an eternal slumber of pity

Breathe some hope in me

Wake me up

I need you to breathe fire

Burn me if need be

Not let me sink

Into sleeping forever

Hold my hand

And yank me out

Kiss of true love

A fucking lie, a myth

A kiss won’t do, not anymore

I need the hand of a true friend

So wake me up now

Before it’s too late

Inspire me, motivate me

Push me out again

So I begin to breathe

Walk out of this home of death

I have built for myself

Lend me wings

Help me fly

Watch me fall and not give up

Once again

Just wake me up

Will you please?


Invisible Strings

We are both bound

By invisible strings

Tied to our little fingers

And that is why I see you

Through distances

Of our emotions

Wanting to break apart

But I am held back

By invisible strings

That bind us

I feel your breath

On my skin

I seek you in strange spaces

I feel your fingers

Run through the crevices of my face

On lonely dark nights

I hear you call out to me

And I feel safe

Because of these invisible strings

That bind us


Cigarettes after sex

Who decides how you fight

Someone you love to hate

Maybe you tie him up

Let the animal inside your cage

Come alive

As you bind him with his own knots

And starve him

You push him down

Tug his trousers

Hold him

At a distance

He can feel your warmth

Not let him touch

Or feel

While you feast his neck

Tug his hair

Till you hear him scream

And that’s how you fight

Someone you love to hate

And when the clock strikes eight

Minutes after two

You hold his neck

And breathe down his track

To his stomach and below

And look him in the eye

You challenge

You tease

Seduce and ask him to call a truce

Offer him an olive branch

But after you feel what makes him

The man he is

And you let him

Inside you

On your terms

And a million conditions

Until he offers peace

And then you wake up

Untie him

Wear your pride on your chest

Smile at him one last time

Before you return home

Savor your victory

Hold that cigarette high in air

Let the smoke guide you to base

And you shall tell the world that

You decide how you fight your battles

Especially with the one you love to hate