When I am about to die…

When our house is on fire

And there’s no way to get out

I give up and take a corner

Crawl beside me and recite

Poems of love and longing

Poems written by you and me

When cancer eats me

And doctors tell you

I am counting days down

Sleep beside me

And tell me stories

Tales of urchins and dolphins

Tell me how we met

When I am sinking to death

And there’s no way you can save me

Hold my hand

Sing me songs

Songs of the Lord and life beyond life

Sing me a love song

Or heck! Make up one for us

You see love, I am not afraid of death

I am just afraid of dying alone


Elegy for lost love

The elegy began as an ancient Greek metrical form and is traditionally written in response to the death of a person. The elements of a traditional elegy mirror three stages of loss. First, there is a lament, where the speaker expresses grief and sorrow, then praise and admiration of the idealized dead, and finally consolation and solace.

Oh, dear sky, pour

Pour for her

For her who has love lost

Love lost forever.


Oh, dear sky, rejoice

Rejoice for he joins you now

Now he lights up your night

Your night stars, oh sky

What are they, if not love lost


Oh, dear sky, don’t you

Don’t you lose heart

For the sun will rise again

While your star shall twinkle through every night

The morning promises you a new sunrise