And when an unlikely cyclone
Hit the city
In December,
I looked at you
Looking at me
Wildfires were lit on a rainy day
In our hearts
When souls longed for each other
Breathing in your presence
Became a task
Raindrops washed away our mask
Oh how did we pretend
We were above our desires
For each other
The storm dragged us closer
For warmth
Waking our monsters
Under the raging skies
We chased highs
When nothing mattered
Except for the violent seas
And your face
We sat on the shore
Like teenagers
Taking us back to the time
We were so pure so untouched
Your warm hands
Held my neck and
Pulled me closer
Sweat mixed with raindrops
Blending with you and me
I recognized your touch
Butterflies flew away in the storm
Above our heads
I whispered your name
And you said “darling”
You looked at me with lust
And I at you with rage
“Devour me”, I cried
And you wrapped your arms
Around my waist
Lifting me up
And I looked down at you
You looked up to me
And slowly our skies opened up
Unleashing desires that lay hidden
We drove each other to the edge of a cliff
We lost our hold and our grip
And we flew across the hills
Of ecstasy
Your arms were my home
My touch gave you wings
And like the ocean
Yearned for the moon
My soul reached for you