You and I

You and I
Are an old-school romance
Struck by chance
At a friend’s dance

You and I
Feel the vibe
But confused and lost in our own tribe
Our connection, we fail to transcribe

You and I
Writers in our own right
Words fail, our tongues we bite
But our lips find each other, every night

You and I
Move in waves
In separation, your touch I crave
The faint fragrance, of your aftershave

You and I
Taking turns to relish, on subways
On winter nights and summer days
Sometimes making love, other times a mere play

You and I
Earth and air
Secretive you, I lay my soul bare
Conspired by universe, this complicated affair

You and I
As if soul friends or just strangers
Of the night, through adventures and dangers
Old souls at heart holding the spirit of crazy teenagers