What we are and the stories we tell

We are little girls who wear rainbow skirts

Pair them with leggings and a bright pink shirt

We are the hairbands we wear

The wind in our hair

We are candies we hide

The horses we ride

The songs we sing loudly

We are the sugar rush and the brain freeze

We are everything that fails to deter us from going for things we love

We tell stories of how we love ourselves

While wearing monochrome body hugging dresses

Adjusting and pulling them at every unwanted gaze

The alcohol in the noon sets us in a daze

We promise ourselves to not tread the line

Red heels kill our knees

As we stare at rainbow skirts at little girls section

Wondering if our rapidly ageing bodies

Will ever be able to carry them again

We are still little girls that believe in happy endings

And crowded Christmas gatherings

Running around the house

Our dresses carry stains of the barbecue sauce

And lips carry traces of the red velvet

And we sing around the tree

We tell people we hate Christmas

How the beautiful things in life are crashing in alone at our

Cramped apartments secretly lit in fairy lights sneaking from bottles,

We drank throughout the year to be brave

A glass of wine and a stranger we bring

Because we are afraid of memories

Our dresses are non stained

But our hearts are contaminated

And our lips broken from the kiss of Judas

While every time we come near Christmas

And the little girls in rainbow skirts we see

We miss Home, we miss us and everything we used to be


Christmas night

In my mind I kept having this simple idea

About me and you

Where we sit on the stairs of my home

On a Christmas night

Sipping on hot chocolate

You and I sit on the stairs and

My dogs snuggle close by

It’s not a cold night you know

At my place

It is warm, humid, a breath of air

The smell is a marriage between sea and forests

That is solemnized by the underrated hills

It is where I grew up

You will tell me, how you ate some of the best pork that night

And I wonder how I almost ended up with a guy who hated pork

I let out a laugh and you pester me

You ask me the reason and I

Tell you that it’s the wine from the dinner

That has me dizzy

I show you fireflies and the glowing eyes at the distance

I tell you that it’s a wild cat

And you say “I could live here forever”

I am amazed how you never complained about anything the entire night

How is your face so bright

In a land so foreign to you

Maybe I was looking for someone like you

My heart craved you every Christmas night

Somewhere a part of me missed your presence just maybe

Otherwise why would Christmas suddenly look so serene

Like your beautiful face

Maybe that night will give you a new side

To me, to us

I hope you will love me more as the night ends