Existential Fear

Bop is a form of poetic argument consisting of three stanzas, each stanza followed by a repeated line, or refrain, and each undertaking a different purpose in the overall argument of the poem.

Opened is a window to other’s home
I look inside, I find mountains, beaches
Foreign places, medals, trophies and
Souvenirs, a London bridge, an Eiffel tower
Weddings, proposals, offsprings, a college degree, an accomplishment
Oh! It scares me, uh oh it does

Strikes the eternal fear of my own existence

Why look there, you ask, as if I have a choice
If I look in, to my home they send their voice
Existential crisis, sets in. My home looks dull now, so sullen, oh the cracks
On the pastel paint, the creaking sound of the window
The broken light, how do I fix it.
My neighbour’s home seems so bright
So flawless, the colours look through his window
Here I am, deep in melancholy in the centre of my living room

Strikes the eternal fear of my own existence

Am I alone, I wonder, what’s my way out,
I ask
Do I not look or do I not feel, ignore it is or check if for real
Is the window view a mere facade, or my life a monotonous charade
Maybe just maybe, I paint my walls in crayons and make art on the pastel
See the beauty in my own imperfection, my house, through blemishes and cracks
Here I go, close my window, beautify my own abode, and no longer

Strikes the eternal fear of my own existence


How to Handle a Heartbreak

And they will tell you
There are a million things worse than heartbreak
They will tell you, how the right one
Will make it seem destined
How your heart will leap
Your soul will dance

But, you have felt all that
Haven’t you
In detail,
Every pause, every exclamation
You have marveled
How universe conspires
To bring people together
How it all makes sense
And that is why it hurts
So horribly
When they leave
It crushes your soul,
It’s as if a herd of elephants is trampling on you
So powerless,
The left part of your chest hurts
Someone is dragging him away from you
Your cruising heart doesn’t race anymore
The blood just lifelessly moves in your body

Heartbreak is like a mirror maze
Just when you think you find your way out
You run straight,
Crash land, face first
All that separates you and them is that piece of glass
You scream you extend your arms
They only see themselves.
It’s a mirror isn’t it

You wait for them
To come back and say it was all a prank
But what gives,
You see her coming towards him,
He is going away from you

I am not going to tell you
Move on
Let it go
It’s the past

No! No!

You can’t.
Your heart is broken for God’s sake
So numb, so lifeless
So delicate
Almost dead.

No, No

Listen to me
Sit on the bathroom floor
Strip yourself
Under the cold shower
Embrace the pain
Scream, weep
Hold yourself
For God’s sake burn
Be destroyed for once
Stop pretending to be okay.

Get out then,
Go back to your art
Paint, draw, write, sing
Dance or run
Sweat it out
Pour it out
Not to your office!
Not to the rebound
Absolutely not to the one that broke you

Let your canvases be black
Maroon, grey
For as long as they can
Throw colors at it
Let your poems be as miserable
Compare them to the sun and moon
And everything that your world revolves around
Write stories
Kill all of them on the paper
Kill yourself on the paper
Scribble till the ink runs out
And your hands give up
Then, one day,
Your heartbreak will seem like a mere human,
No more analogies
No more colors

You will notice how your art
Transforms into you,
Your colors,
Your genres
And to butterflies and cold winters
Hopeful summers
Travel stories
And your symphonies
A successful marathon
Or a masterpiece

Your pain is powerful
Let it consume you
Because when it leaves and believe me,
It will,
You will know what a gift life is
And you will heal
Your smile will be real
A little brighter
Much broader,
And they will tell you
There are a million things worse than heartbreak
Don’t believe them.





Love in Paris

Making art by the day

Painting french girls in a certain way

They lived in the city of Paris

Had no money, no riches

Sometimes a sandwich was all they could afford

And some cheap wine and cigarettes

Stuck with each other through thick and thin

Dreamed of Mad money

And great love


Made love to each other by the night

Blindfolds and tied hands

Throwing colors on bare skin

Lips so raw knew no sin

Kissed till they bled,

Colored the canvas red

Drunk and dazed, masterpieces they created

Sat by the roof overlooking the Eiffel,

Dreamed of Mad money

And great love


He knew her shades and her edges

She knew the feel and contours of his skin

In a dimly lit room

Night after night, for years

As the hands of clock went in circles

So did they,

Sometimes wasted on each other

Other times on strangers

Touring the city on foot

Dreaming of days when

They’d have mad money

And great love


Until one day, they had their key

The art degree

She had to move across the globe

Back to her home

He was to stay and teach art

At the University.

Both had their dreams take flight

They’d have mad money

And great love



Their last days

They drank all the wine they could

Wine and cheesecake

And everything their money could buy

They’d never see each other again

He felt bitter

She ached

For they had both have

Mad money

And great love

But not each other


She wished he’d say

And he wanted to hear her mouth those words

But was it too late

They pondered

While masked it with all the colors of

Better future to come

Until the day arrived, and she left

With a hug

And a heavy heart


All his art was her,

All her canvas was filled with his colors

Until she couldn’t take it anymore

She returned to Paris

At his door,

Waking him up from his first

Peaceful sleep after she left

Only to find her


“Marry Me”, he said as he held her hand

“Right away”, she cried


And together now they

Dreamed of mad money

For all they had was now

Great love