Pale Orange Light

The outline of her breasts

under the pale orange light looked like a

a bird gliding against the sunset sky.

The raindrops slipped through

her hair into her face

and down,

against the holy smoke emanating

from a temple from across the street.

He had never seen her that way

but now he had his hand

at the back of her head

as his fingers traced her silhouette.

She hid her face in his shoulders

she was on her toes

as his fingers reached down

she lost her footing

and he held her.

Was this love, she wanted to know

but of that he seemed sure.

She traced the water drops

from his forehead

as it dropped from the sharp end

of his nose

splashed it into thin air.

He held her against the railing

and soft kisses

turned to burning fire

and sparks flew

matching the intensity of rain

and as the world came to a halt

flames raged against the tide.