My Body Remembers You


My body writes it all down
Notes every time she comes across another;
Every scratch of the nail against her bareback
Every flutter of your lashes
She remembers all of it in flashes,

Every tooth that digs into the lip
Drawing streams of red,
Every clutch of her waist
Trespasses and passing touches
Each whispered word on her earlobes.

Every tug of her strands
If he is lucky, she lets him inside her mind.
She relishes, savors the taste of him.
However, sometimes, she throws up.
every cruel word he says,

He may not know her
However, she remembers his hand print.
His shoe size between her breasts
When he wandered through the valley
That connects her to generations that.
Have passed on

She remembers the oppression,
The suppression against the walls that they built for her
She fights back, she caves in
She remembers every little touch on her…

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We sleep…


Inspired by Palestine Refugee camp

We sleep in tents
Inside the camps across the line
That separates nations
His teeth dig into my skin
As if barbed wire pierce through the trespassers,
My screams are muffled
He holds my mouth with his wet palms
To hush up
Not to draw too much attention

Sand flies across the land
Border lights glow as if stars in the night
Dewdrops trickle down our faces
My lover runs his nails up
From my toe
through my spine
Tugging my strands
Not so soft anymore
My hair has weathered storms

Gunshots are heard at a distance
More blood tonight
My land, their land,
A little child has no land

He pulls my clothes away from my body
And his pants
Every gunshot makes my body shiver
He holds me close
I can hear
Chaos, a mother weeps
As he tastes my quivering lips,

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You had an empty chair, I had a hole in my heart;
You felt it was cheating on my part, I thought it was only fair;
“Tell me, what’s wrong”, you screamed,
I was at loss of words or so it seemed.

“It is time to go”, I managed to say,
“This is bullshit”, you screamed, while your face begged me to stay.


You know not

You know not,

That I have been watching you

Helpless, hopeless and desperate to catch your attention

Or maybe a glance

At the church, every Sunday

I have seen your face a fifty-two times

and you still know not that I exist







I am angry

I have always been very very angry

Don’t you tell me not to be angry

When the first piece of writing

Was a letter telling mom I am running away

And the second was a suicide note wishing I died at birth

Don’t tell me not to be angry

When that one piece of fish would go to anyone but my plate

When everyone gets a piece of chicken whereas I only got some left over curry

Don’t tell me this anger is worthless

When they called me arrogant

Even before I learned to pronounce the word

Where I was a slut

Before even a man touched me

Don’t tell me to trust

When my mother was insulted

everytime they got a chance

They thought I was a child but they didn’t know

This child was cursed with razor sharp memory

Don’t tell me to be shush anymore

The last time you asked me to shush

A woman grabbed a 11 yr old me by the collar

And told me I was going to bring shame to her family

She was drunk

But I was a child.

Don’t tell me how my cousin is nice tolerant girl

I don’t care anymore if I am loud

She’d be too if you grabbed by the collar

And fed her left overs

Don’t tell me to trust

When everyone I loved

Has played with me a game of betrayal

Don’t tell I am being a victim

When the war inside my head

Either tells me to die or be killed

Don’t tell me anything

When sometimes all I want to do

Is strip naked

And show you the wounds

That are still raw

The skin that is still sore

From all the stabbing from the ones I loved

Don’t tell me that the war has ended

When I still live a nightmare.


Hang my poem

Hang my poem on your wall

The one that is written for you

Light it up

Let’s crash against the other wall

And recite it

After we transcend this reality

Feeling your breath on my shoulder

Half way into the poetry

We both fall


Only to wake up in minutes

And you hold my hand

Place it where it matters

And I sleep laugh

You sleep laugh

You hold my hand

To your room

Where one of your stories hang on the wall

Lit in fairy lights

And we take up roles in your story

Falling asleep again

Waking up the same way

We slept

And they say volumes about what love is

And I think it is right there

Every morning when I wake up

next to you.



Love was a mess

A mess we made on the bed

Hair strands, broken nails and

Raindrops and blood

All things now us

Potions creating life are now

Stains on the bed

The empty space that now holds your face

Devoid of expression

A faint smile

Unkempt curls on your head

Wet eyes

And a pink strand between your lips

That belongs to me

Clothes thrown across the room

The mirror covered in mist

Our names written in dancing letters

The air carrying the fragrance

Of all the things that lay beside us now

We could have been anywhere now

In this moment

But we are just here

Making a mess of love