Murder my love

I want to murder my love

Run a cold metallic knife

Through his skin

Above his nose

The knife following the path

That’s drawn with my lips

I want to hear him breathe

Smell his fear

Of losing what he holds dear

Marking his lips, a shallow cut

Then a deep one, drawing blood

Tasting it on my tip of my tongue

Poking his chin as if to pierce but not yet

Sliding it down his neck

Our eyes meet

Our faces glow

As I run the knife down the centre of

His chest

Leaning to the left,

Marking his heart where it beats

I want to make it stop

But I want him to breathe

Drawing circles on his nipples

With the pointed edge of my knife

Breathing close

Sliding the knife through his ribs “Flip” I scream

Running the knife through his neck

Down his spine

We count his disks “Flip over”, I whisper

As my fingers lead the knife

To the center of his being

I laugh

He reacts

I want to kill him now

But what’s a easy death

Without a chase

I make art with the knife

On one thing that he lets define him

He’s a man he won’t scream

Ah, how they think they are strong

To break him it won’t take me long

It’s his tune, but it’s my song

I hold the knife firm

And I release

My blood drips on his thing

With my red hands I hold his hair

Before one final thrust

The knife enters him

Ah! So much for a fantasy

My lover is dead now

Dead to me



I think love comes back to you

Slowly but surely

It comes in silence

Not much of celebration

Or background music

No confetti rains

Like a man returning back

From a stressful day at work

It’s not a series of coincidences

Or out of this world miracles

Something that seems so destined

As if the writer of the story is lazy

Love is that subtle consequence

It’s a mindful decision

Love is an intentional choice

Love doesn’t rock your world

It provides you the comfort of home

No matter how long it takes.

And love couldn’t be more beautiful

Than finding it at the breakfast table

Reminding you to eat


Clumsy Love

He drops cheese on his shirt

I drop the chicken spoon in the curd rice

He abruptly stops

As I walk past and place my hand

On a stranger’s shoulder

Clumsy, clumsy love

Soaring mercury

Shining faces drenched in sweat

My hands glitter

And he shows his fangs

Clumsy, clumsy love

“Do you want to kiss?”

“No, I shall give that moment, a miss”

“Will you travel here again?”

“Give me reason, make it insane”

Clumsy, clumsy love

I travel north

He goes south

With his cheese stained shirt

And I leave with a flutter in my heart

Clumsy, clumsy love


When I die

Don’t say “Rest In Peace” when I die

I have never known peace,

A chaotic riot I have been

Don’t say rest, for ask my mum

And she will say, I hated sleeping

Or resting, for restless I have been

When I die

Gather around a table

Have a great dinner – keep it light

Fish and wine

With good music in the background

Some vodka, good quality hash

And talk to each other

Get to know my people

My tribe of misfits

Talk about my eccentricities and


Something that’s still humorous

Even when waterfall unleashes from your eyes

Laugh through tears

Or tear up laughing

Tell them how I woke you up

Because this one wacky idea I had

Excited me

Tell them how I took forever to move on from a boy

Narrate how I had these weird ass

Kidnap fantasies

And on a misty morning

I stood on top of a hill

And said “And everything else is an illusion”

And when you have finished your dinner

Say a good night

And as you walk out of my house

That midnight

Look at the star clad night

And say “Goodbye”

And smile — I promise

I will smile back from wherever I am.


Shards of Glass

Your memories were stuck to me

Like shards of glass

It pained when I pulled each one out

It bled as I closed my eyes

And they were moist

For all I know

I would love to sleep every night

Of my life

With those shards still pierced

But you are not dead

You belong to someone else

These memories will infect me

With septicaemia

I have now started to love

The shooting pain

And last night out on the road

I missed you from the bottom of my heart

But it didn’t make me sad anymore

I just stared into nothingness

This one shard of glass still remains

As a souvenir of a love story

That failed me