Some Nights

Some nights

You still play inside my head

I smile

At how much attached I am to you

I wonder

How you sleep at nights

Weren’t you

An insomniac who had to listen to my voice

What now

How do walk the city

Don’t you

Hear me scream your name

Because I

See you on stranger streets

Smell of

Your perfume that now a stranger wears

Maybe like you

You do what you gotta do, I do what I gotta do

I miss you

As a child misses his blanket

Do you miss me too?


One step closer

Every day

One step closer

To my dream

That I move

I step away from you

What a shame

To undo

What started as ours

Is now all yours

So I take what’s always been mine

What a shame

That it’s not you

A part of my new dreams

“Fuck you”, I scream

As if that numbs the pain

What a shame

The bonds we no longer maintain

Now everyday

One step closer to my dream

I proceed

One step away from you