We’ll live in pictures.

And we will only remain in pictures


They will look at our still faces

Remember us in full glory

Naked, as sunset pours in

Smoking some weed

Sipping some wine

Rebelling against this life set for us

And you take the back door

Like an intruder

Pushing me against the window

As smoke covers us

Darling Notre Dame is on fire

And I wail and

You push

And I moan

As the fire rages

In myriad shades of destruction

The people gather on the ground

Unaware of us

As I turn over and take control

The heat radiates through the city

The firefighters swarm like flies

And sparks fly

As if sky is in love with the Notre Dame

They say it stands like sun among the stars

I clench my fists

I curl my toes

And rage against you

As the lady of Paris takes on the fire

The magnifique glows

People sing Ave Maria

In a chorus that ring through my ears

As you feast on them

Teardrops roll from my eyes

To your lips

And I scream

As you cover every corner

Is it too late now to stop

Can I salvage parts of self

And squeeze my legs together

You grip the window grill

And our eyes point towards the sky

As the spire comes down

So we do we on the bare floor


We take a final picture

Of the Notre Dame

With our perspiring skin

Glowing like gold in the dark

Holding for each other’s lives

As the the Dame radiates

In myriad shades of red and orange.

Darling all beautiful things

come to an end

All beautiful things

Including you and I

And we will live

In motion pictures.

Pic Courtesy: Twitter



As I lay awake

Beside you

Catching my breath, you

Dig deep darling, through

Exotic corners of me,

Fireflies flutter like your

Glowing eyes, clouding my

Hazy vision.

Intoxicating on love, I whisper

Je t’aime. Maybe this’ll

Kill us or will you

Let me live

My dear friend? We lay

Naked under the

Open sky

Posing like the celebrities cutting the

Queue, we

Race to the

Sunset, your fingers

Topple and trip

Unfurling ourselves on

Vacant lands in

Wilderness playing

X’s and O’s as

Your kisses give life to

Zephyrs in my heart.


How many times.

The fire crackles

the waves roar

pale moon light pours

into your roof

The world around us

is lit in fluorescent

The ice blue

coldest colour

in the summer heat.

I have to leave now

Oh how many times

I have fallen in love with you

How many times I have died

on the inside

But I have to leave this town

We can’t walk down

this path again

So I hurry

I scurry in haste

through the buttons

Bury my lips on the side of your neck

Because it’s getting late

And I have to leave

But darling how many times

I have fallen in love with you

How many times I have died

on the inside

But I have to leave this town

We can’t walk down

this path again

You push me away

pull me closer

We can fly

But you want to swim

You show me oceans

And I show the space

We meet at horizons

Mere tangents

Intersect and then we deflect again.

So I part in silence

And let my love go deeper down

Cause’ I have to leave this town

now love

Oh how many times

I have fallen for you

How many times I have died

on the inside

But I have to leave this town

And we can’t walk down

this path again

But tonight we burn

and we drown

As you sleep

I leave this town

We may not be old

But we ain’t wild no more

just between times

Spaces and lives

And we will meet again

Oh how many more times

Will I fall in love again.



On an unfortunate day

Truth and Lies consummated

The love child was named perception

Good heavens! Could the world tell

Who that child took after

Truth stayed at home

As bland as it was

It’s power concealed

Lies traveled across the world

Interesting but hollow on the inside

Perceptions was a troubled child

A brat, learned manipulation from dad

Power from mum

Leaned to either parent as per convenience

One day when they were useless

It moved ahead on its own

You ask me what it does now?

Oh it runs the world

It’s the kingmaker.



Walking barefoot on the burnt ground

Where once lay love

Now lies barren land

Stray stones

And cinder.

A musk smell of the fire

that once burned.

My feet hurt now

Blend with the earth

As I leave footprints and then

Vandalise them in a haste.

Poetry has lost his essence

And life it’s purpose

Heart only pumps blood now.

What if Phoenix never rises from these ashes?

What if ashes are mere dust?

Our love an illusion?

What if you were never mine?


Lion’s Story

One day it shall be the lion’s turn
to pick up the pen
and tell its side of the story,
Then the hunter
you will learn he is a coward
who hid behind the tree.

The lion knows
the humankind is hopeless
they will only side with their kind.
Oh they will say
the hunter is old
But the poor lion has lost his home.

The lion will wail
for he has lost its pride
that now hangs on the hunter’s wall
his children will weep
for they believe their parent is not wrong at all
But what do the children know
that the hunter one leg in his grave
is still plotting his final kill.

The lion knows
the humankind is hopeless
The oppressor cries foul
while oppressed are further silenced
Oh they will say
the hunter is old
But the poor lion has lost his home.

The lion writes fearlessly
for it has lost all that it could
not afraid of dying.
But lion roars refuses to go down
without a fight.
The hunter boasts of his younger son
He knows all about lions he brags
Lion sees cowardice in his eyes
the son will only strike at night.

The lion knows
the humankind is hopeless
the hunter’s son has
never walked the forest
still dreams of being the king
While forests see it all

The lion can tear apart the man’s heart
and leave their futile body
to the vultures
It doesn’t even seek their dark soul
and their venomous heart
But hunter’s son, true to his filthy blood
will attack the lion
with treachery.
Maybe he will kill the lion
the lion will not go down
without its side of the story.

The lion knows
the humankind is hopeless
and dies laughing at their false pride.
The forest burns itself down in pain
And the hunter dies in the fire of his rage.



And the smoke rose

Ashes flew

Fires raged in the snow

Everything burned

I liked how the world around me

smelled at that point

We ran away further into the forests

with our secrets

His ice cold hand held against my mouth

couldn’t suppress my sobs

So he pressed his lips against mine

Tears poured down

They were around determined to get us

as we hid right next to them

They look all over

Forgetting to look within themselves

They came for our lands

and our people

Our skins didn’t match

Oh what a great sin

We stood still

locked in an embrace

They shot in the air

Vowed to return

Couldn’t stand the cold

Came to douse our fire

When they left

we returned to the fire

Ashes flew

But the flames dulled down

My skin glistened and so did his eyes

Undone, undressed, I walked to burn

And he followed

A li’l warmth in the ground

an ocean of heat in the heart

We consumed each other

While snow consumed the fire

He buried his face between my legs

and I roared

I pulled his mind back to my face

I slapped him hard and caressed his face

Kill me now I pleaded

And he held my hair

he tore apart my skin

the night was coming to an end

And they’d come back in the daylight

But we will light a new fire

Only this time their ashes will fly

on my face.