Hey You

Hey you,

You are still my thought

As I rush home late night

I wonder what you are upto

The bridge is too long to build now

For me alone,

Maybe if you took two steps

But, how can I make way,

When you don’t wish for a bridge

I was your free time

And you are no longer free

Am I your hobby or is it just me

I proceed everyday

Then I remember what you say

I retreat

Not heartbroken


I wonder whether you choke on the

Very words that flew at me when you tapped

Your screen,

Now I pass through your workplace


Connections broken in a second

Unrequited love

But harsh your treatment

So cold, so aloof,

Unemotional you scream

So you are still my thought

As I rush home late night

But now I just turn off my light

Stop myself from coming back to you with all my might



I prepared for your leaving

You screamed

Picked faults

And your trademark foul mood

I smiled as I sorted your clothes

But felt heavy with every breath

You kissed my forehead

And I wept

At our last goodbye;

But I left

And never saw you again


Don’t talk, no more

We don’t talk anymore

We share the same space


In a confined space of the vehicle

Across the town,

You bury yourself in a magazine

I am lost in the dreams of my own

The only voice of silence is the blaring horns

That are drowned out by the sound of a

Melancholic melody

This right here is beautiful

The space between us now converses

In time and matter

Energies merge

You are me and I am you

And we don’t need to talk anymore

So we let this angelic silence take over

While we are lost in the life of our own


Don’t write me off yet

Every time you write me off

I shall appear on top of your charts

You block me on phone

I am the face of billboard

That you overlook every morning

From your window

Mama didn’t a little girl for you to mess up

Darling, she raised a warrior

That fights

So every time you pride in the fact

That you sent me to oblivion

I shall very much be relevant

In your world


Insomnia Poem

It’s thirty minutes past two,

Oh my darling sleep,

Where are you?

I lose my mind thrice

This new beanbag

Is the silhouette of a man

Watching me

As I sleep,

Whoever thinks it’s sweet

Someone’s looking at you

When you are asleep

Dogs conspire in the dead of the night

No one believes me

When I say that

Doggo Tom tells Doggo Ray

About you and me

And how we kiss under the streetlight

I see a little girl behind a door

She vanishes as I close it

I tell her, no hide and seek

No dear not tonight

I need to sleep,

Maybe catch some zzz’s

But I hear a cat cry

I sigh

All I need is sleep

If only you had said goodnight

I would have slept tight

Too late now

You don’t reap what you don’t sow


Sand Woman

Last evening as the sun leaned in to kiss the sea

I sat at the shore

To watch the love making

While I made a throne for myself

And built a country around me

I sat in the centre

Of my nation

As the world grew darker

And addressed my residents

All of them

All of it

Made of fine sand

That grew on me

As the night progressed

And I told my residents

The conquests of my past

Dreams of my future

And the hope of the present

“My friends”, I said as I threw

Sand around the entire fort

“We are no exceptions to the rule”

More sand flew around

As many as my words did

The night grew darker

As I pressed on my chain made of beads

Of the mountain God

The waves lashed the shore

And grew closer

Threatening a war on my country

And I applied sand on my face

As I ran to attack the sea face first

I became the sand queen