I have never been quiet

other than the times when

your face was against mine

as trains sped in the background

and a crow cried;

Whatever little light that can,

sneaks in to light your face

like you do tonight to mine

and all the words I want to say,

I hide them in my smile

You talk in a haste

As if you want to get off

Something from your chest

I lay facing away

and you are anxious to whether

I accept or deny

but I only soak in your words

Because as long as I can hear you

I know we are fine

Speak up, you insist

and I hold your face

and move closer

I have nothing to say love

I am just happy to be here

in the now – I think

We pass out

with your arm stretched wide

and I wake up in a while

you do too

Pulling me close

If we got any more closer

I couldn’t tell us apart

You seek me in the dark

As the night races

to dawn

For brief moment

the trains stop

The crow flies away

All that we hear is beats

And breaths

a solemn permission

a subtle consent

And the trains run again

as I drift off to sleep

and you sneak out

like the sun.

It’s a new morning

and I have been quiet

since then.

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