When I was five,

an older kid told me

If I don’t hold on to my umbrella

It’d fly away

What a tragedy for a child

to lose an umbrella to the wind

I held love

like I was asked to hold an umbrella


Monsoon after monsoon

It never flew

Only I lost it after sometime

Then for a few monsoons

I went without an umbrella

I was told a young woman

shouldn’t get drenched

But the rebel I, let the rain

take me away

Some monsoons they’d mock me

Saying I’d fly away

and then finally I fell

for someone else’s umbrella

‘I like this one’ – I said

And the boy just gave it away

A few monsoons I carried the

Beautiful thing around

I didn’t hold on it as firmly

but it became a public property

And eventually grew old

Finally I threw it when I found

a snake had made home inside it

Then I got myself umbrellas

That didn’t mean it anything

and kept leaving them behind

One monsoon I set my eyes on a

Esprit umbrella

Tiny, came with a case

This won’t last, a friend said

But do you see how wonderful it is –

I defended my choice

and he said – this is fair weather umbrella

and we have storms

But I persisted

Until it got stolen

And I kept the case

Never bought an umbrella again

Until someone gave theirs to me

I am not good with umbrella- I told

The kind man

Keep it – he said

And now I keep leaving it behind

but it comes back to me

It feels mine sometimes

and at others it keeps me safe

It’s heavy enough to stay

I don’t have to hold it firmly anymore

and if this flies then I will probably

Laugh like I would

When I was five.

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