I will write poems for you.

I will write poetry

To the rhythm of your heartbeat,

As you breathe

I will stress my syllables

And when you release

Un-stress them;

As you move

I will craft a free verse

And as you pause

I will write an abecedarian,

Because love,

of what use is the alphabet

If its letters don’t match you.

As you smile

Use metaphors

But love

Do I compare you to the

midsummer night?

Or do I just call you,

coffee and a leftover cigarette?

As you laugh

I will pause

And as you look at me

Scramble for words,

As your smile fades

I will write you a new poem

Or a silly phrase

and when you speak

I will rhyme;

And when you are quiet

I will read you the lines

and I will write a poem

To the rhythm of your heartbeat

As you sleep…

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