Talk to the devil

Talk to the devil in you

Ask him what is it

That he wants you

To do to me

Then show me

But doing it to yourself!

Move your fingers gently

On your lips

And feel how it feels to have

A foreigner touch you

As I watch

Slide them down

To your throat

And choke yourself

Until you feel love or you feel death

Look at me as you grow stiff

Release your hold

And breathe

As if I am breathing with you

Tug your curls as I’d

Slouch and moan

Show me fear

Show me fire

Revolt against my demon

Fighting yours

At a distance

Don’t come closer

I can smell your arrogance

and you mine

Now begin again

Stroke your existence

Like the breeze

Turning to a storm

Whirling to a tornado


As I gather like the clouds

And pour

Keep your gaze fixed

The world’s ending

One last time ask the devil

Inside you

If he has won?

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