Not In My Name

Darkness grips my heart

Like an overcast on the city

subtle fear my mind says

Like radio silence

when cables snap

the networks are shut down

Just grey pixels on the wide screen

I want to scream

I am crying on the inside

The worst moment for any human

To meet his own helplessness

I want to reach every friend

I know

In a hope they will tell me

It’s only futile panic

I mean I told that to someone

Just last night

But as we wake up

Grey pixels on my screen

Are now turning red

and my hands tremble

And I miss my mother

She’d ask me to pray

But only last night I told her

Prayer is useless

And today my soul is reaching

To any voice that’d pay heed

In this time of need

Maybe it’s nothing

Maybe it’s just precaution


what if someone dies in my name

What if someone loses home

In my name

If I scream in revolt

through a glass screen

While they take me away

Will it absolve me?

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