Such Pleasure

Such pleasure

On every cell on my skin

Your touch

Like cold rain drops

Falling from cracks in the ceiling

On to your bare shoulder


As I curl myself

Folding my knees

You race through the hair

And my back

Like opening knots on my neck

Holding unspoken words

Untreated dreams

And I hold still

As you ease my suffering

Warm teardrops pitter patter

on your sheets

And you cascade down my arm

Like a waterfall

Where every droplet comes to life

And my mouth stays half open

Looking to the ceiling

As thoughts come crashing down

From chaos into catharsis

To accept defeat

Is a victory in its own

To accept hurt

Is a form of love

As my cosmic heart explodes

Giving birth to a new universe

In a dark space

I bite into the sandwich

Feels like I have merely eaten

Never relished

and you watch in glee

You see my soul flying around your room

Naked as daylight

Incomprehensible why you haven’t bailed yet

I close my eyes

As you caress my face

They are coming for us, I scream

You are only seeing things love, you say

I open my eyes to see your soul floating

And it’s wrapped in sunshine

To give me light

And I feel safe in my power

colliding with yours

How difficult for a warrior to accept protection

How beautiful for the brave to meet

her own cowardice

And the souls blend as

Bodies stay apart

Merely touching

Tears don’t stop

Rain pours

My eyes close

As you watch me merge

Into my soul again

This time in truth.

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