Butterfly inside a church

And you chase me

Like a little boy chases a butterfly

Inside a Catholic Church

during a mass

As the alter’s lit

The crowd is frozen

While I fly and you run

To the sounds of the choir

Under the ceiling painted by Jesuits

On the cold floors

Let me convex and concave

As you move over me

Too sacrilegious this love

Find where my lips end

And kiss me there

For I am a butterfly in a church love

I am going to pass over tomorrow.

And you will forever come to church

Looking for me…

1 thought on “Butterfly inside a church”

  1. Long live your beaming face,
    Long live your touching poems,
    In danger are the peoples hearts,
    Your poems take away with them our delicate hearts,
    This poem is some beautiful souls life,
    Your poems I can rejoice about for my entire life,
    Didn’t know someones smile could be as beautiful as yours.
    Can’t like the poem enough as millions more it deserves.


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