What fascinates you?

What is it that fascinates you

life or the living?

He asks as he pulls me closer,

I worry about wondering –

How it’d feel to be next to him night after night;

But honesty has me and I whisper – Neither, I find existence drab and tediously long.

He brushes my hair off my face and looks

To confirm if I am serious

I am – I trace the outline of his face

He stops me in my tracks

Holds my hand

‘But life is beautiful,’ – he says

‘Make the most of it, will you?’

I interrupt him – I do – I say

He reframes his question

What then, fascinates you miss? –

He holds my face as he waits

‘Death’ with a spark in my eyes I say

‘Everything about death’

And everything goes quiet as

we breathe in sync

Smiling at each other

-I haven’t quite met anything like you –

he says

Oh boy, he has no idea

what he coming towards him, does he –

I think to self

as I return his kiss

I close my eyes and hands rush down.

Hey – he blurts

Making the most out of life – I smirk.

So what fascinates you? – I ask

You – he whispers as he looks to the ceiling.

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