Conversation Snapshots.


‘You’re the first girl that has stood me up.’

‘Not used to rejection – interesting.’

‘I can get any girl I want.’

‘Yet you’re here.’

‘I know that dude you are with – Yet you are here.’

‘Out of courtesy.’

‘I am a 9 pointer.’

‘I lost 3 subjects this semester.’

‘I saw.’

‘Why were you checking my results?’

‘Because you are not dumb. I don’t get it.’

‘I hate this wretched place, I am dropping out this year.’

‘Ah! Don’t. We just met.’

‘All the more reason.’

He was my ego, at 6 feet, proud, eyes of a cat, snarky, witty and obnoxious. Maybe we were perfect for each other, but our egos would have fought to death.

March’ 2010

‘Leave that boy for me?’


‘I can in the next minute get a girl.’

‘Go ahead then.’

What a wretched coincidence – we both entered college at the same time, sometime walked one behind the other. Sometimes in parallel, sometimes we walked through each other. As if we never met at all. As if we didn’t exist.

July 2010

[On Text]

‘The 9-pointer seems to have scored lesser.’

‘Who’s this?’

‘Scarlett Witch.’

‘If this isn’t Jean H. Dmello, I’d be damned.’

‘Haha – peace offering?’


Aug 2010

‘I am in love with this girl, long hair, innocent face.’

‘I don’t know her.’

‘She dislikes you.’


‘She believes you are a crackhead.’

‘Insane or cocaine.’

‘I think you are insane, she thinks it is cocaine.’

‘I am glad the mutual dislike for me is bringing people together.’

Feb’ 2011

‘I am breaking up with her – I am done.’

‘Okay, when?’

‘Now, here I am telling her.’

‘While sitting next to me? No thank you – I am already infamous enough in this college.’

They break up.

‘I am done.’

‘Give it a week – you will be back with her.’


Day 3: [On text] Jean tell her to come back

‘Hahaha, 3 days is all it takes.’

Day 5: [On text] You and I should date

‘My boyfriend is still alive.’

‘I don’t know what you find in him.’

Day 7: [On text] We should not date

‘Haha – as you wish.’

Day 9:

‘Fuck You. You reconcile and somehow or don’t think it’s important to let me know.’

‘You care?’

‘Not anymore.’

April 2011:

‘Jean – ‘





‘What a wretched workplace, this?’

‘Welcome to my hell.’

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘I didn’t want to suffer alone.’

In April 2013 we both broke our contracts and quit.

June 2016:

‘Wow! Hey.’

‘We are working for the same place – again.’

Some coincidences are just events – we entered workplace at the same time, we spoke to each other those two minutes from the parking lot to the gate until I quit.

Maybe someday we will meet again.

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