The words that aren’t spoken

Out loud

Stop short of pouring from the eyes

Now closed

Like the buildup of pressure

But no rain

Heat post the last rain

The overcast


It burns my skin

And I walk into the middle of

The busy street

Chaos ensue

As the horns blare

I scream in madness

Adding to the noise

As passengers stare

Why were you here

when you had no intention of being there…

I shriek at the skies

Like the earth at the sun in the night

Walking naked barefoot

Heart on the sleeve

And I run a knife through your skin

Do you feel the pain

It’s lesser than what you caused me

I say to your dying breath

as I kiss your lifeless lips

I open my eyes

and there are just strangers around me

and stone cold silence

Feels like I am only screaming

Inside my head

But you refuse to die

Even there.

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