A trip to the hills

A relationship is like a trip to the hills

It’s frenzied


The winding roads

The cool breeze

A marvel of creation

Up and up you go

To majestic trees kissing the cloud

A hint of rain

And you get out of your comfort

For the first time the wind

kisses you

And your lips quiver

You run for cover

But the wind is teasing

And your stomach trembles

As the chill runs down

And you find that spot

Warm lights

And you want to cry

Because you don’t think

You deserve to be happy

And as if happiness is ecstasy

But you are sober but you are high

Gardens, lakes, mountain tea

And you take bird’s view

You see the borders

Of the land you came from

As if it’s foreign now

You don’t know how you lived there

But it doesn’t matter now

And life is a walk in the park

Park is full of roses

They have your name there attached to

A surname that’s not yours

You are amused,

The sun’s right on top

But he’s kind too

And then you are in the middle of a lake

There are hills everywhere

And wind gets to you again

Like a lover that can’t keep his eyes off you

And a lover you can’t resist

You let him have you

Because you can’t resist God

You can’t resist nature

And you can’t say no to love

The weather is stormy

You are aware at any point

Mountains can flip and carry everything

But that doesn’t stop you

You will die for this won’t you?

More gardens, more lakes

More tea, a cold dark church

You go on your knees

Touch your head to the floor

Maybe for the first time

And maybe for the last

you say ‘one more day Lord,’

‘One more day,’

But somewhere you know

Nothing lasts forever

And higher the climb

Deeper the fall

And then inevitable happens

Home beckons

Actual home

And then he can’t have you forever too

The logistics don’t work with love

The facts are funnier

And you are shoved in a car

Not enough time for goodbye

But no amount of time is enough for a sayonara

Sometimes even a lifetime won’t suffice

You leave

Seven hairpin bends

It rains as if your love is sad too

And you believe he is.

It won’t take him long to

Kiss another Pluto eyed girl

But it’s crying now

And you descend

All alone

And frenzy fades

The mist clears up

The mountains get farther and farther away

And you see the flatland

Humidity hits you

But you were there before

Weren’t you?

Why then, it feels cruel this time

Why then, it hurts a little more on the inside

Why then, do you feel lost in your own hometown

You reach and look into the mirror

And you see what he’s done to you

He’s burned you enough

To make your cheeks red

And your skin pale

He’s defeated you enough

To make you human again

But a different one

A kinder one

And you reevaluate all that you know

But not now

Now you want to sleep

Because you are tired

And wind’s not hugging you anymore

But at least you are home

And you will get out again.

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