Tell me about yourself.

“So tell me something about you?” What a nightmare of a question this one. I can answer a complex mathematical equation faster than that. I dread the question, to be honest. It’s an irrational fear I am sure. A question as simple as this and it throws me into a severe lack of vocabulary.

In college, they told us the answer to that is what have you done, who your parents are, your demography. But that’s not you — those are indices that categorize people in brackets of social identities. But for most, it’s an acceptable answer, for most.

I have always been a rebel, never belonged anywhere to anything. Tried to, but it went against my nature. I don’t know who I am either, however, what I know is that I am a very private person. I believe the unexplored core of me with whatever little information I gather about me are all closed. It’s stored in my brain in an encrypted form, and everytime someone tries to hack into that zone of my being, the signals scramble and shut down the entire system.

I think the second challenge is that when you possess multiple personalities, multiple interests, skills, drives and can seamlessly slide into them, it becomes challenging to spell out your character in its entirety.

So as unacceptable as this answer is to people, I am Jean, and I don’t know who I am, but that’s why I am here to learn the same. Tell me about yourself now?

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