I am.

I am all the words I didn’t say
when you tore me apart
listed out the things
one after the other.
I was that silence
when you complained about
how I talked too much,
my over-enthusiasm
because I fell apart
before I could even say
It’s not the truth,
But it wouldn’t matter to you.
If only you knew
but how would you
if I never tell
how my hands trembled
as my glassy eyes
crashed like dominoes
at every word you sent.
If you realized every word, you said
appeared as marks on my skin
would you still say those things
you said. Maybe you will be sorry maybe not
perhaps I put myself there
maybe we will never know.
But at that moment
I am all the things I didn’t say.

2 thoughts on “I am.”

  1. As I said, u don’t much of writers but let me ask, is sadness a theme you like that could write upon or is it because u have real sad stories to tell? Because sometimes u feel u r talking about a specific person but then as u said once, its from a bunch of past experience.. I really can’t figure out… Just a curious fan.. Forgive my ignorance for u may b wrong…😬


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