Love, J.

I am writing to you
with all the love in my heart
and that of the skies
with the universe.
Love is all I have
and the only thing I have been taught
since I opened my eyes
I carry it in my heart
and it sometimes rolls down
from my eyes,
In drizzles and hurricanes
followed by waves of laughter
and quiet smiles
sneaky glances.
You’re worth every bit of it
I know we only accept,
the love we think we deserve
and you, the world,
if only you loved yourself
like I have loved you.
And someday when we are apart
love will watch over us,
on lonely nights
during quiet sobs
and the drunken brawls.
I wish all the love for you,
the kind that will make any
evening seem spectacular,
so breathe my love,
let go,
and let love do its thing
for once.

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