We’ll blame it one too many
Glens and Baileys,
We hide behind unintentional glances
To compensate for the words we’ll never express. 
But we were only kids when we first met, 
And I dated your best friend;
You forget all the details
And I remember more than what I confess. 
We lose hours on the clock, 
Talking about our conquests
In our sleepy town.
The women you kissed
The men I dissed. 
I have this moment
it’s all happened before
You, me, the conversation
And another moment like this inside the first,  
Like a Deja vu inside a Deja vu.

I ask about your date
You’re surprised at my
recollection of her name. 
You make stories
I only laugh
At your complicated heart.

I aim for the last drink for the night  
Praying it’d kill me now
And I’d go in peace
‘Makes me wonder,’ you say, 
‘Why didn’t we kiss that day?’ 
‘Beats me,’ I sigh as I look away
‘Maybe because we were hitting
on the same girl,’ I say
We crash at a distance,
Between that of the stars
When seen from the earth
‘You know I’d help you hide the body,’ 
I whisper as I close my eyes
‘Without a doubt,’ he says as he holds my face
Then it all fades to black again
All this will be another dream
When tomorrow comes
We’ll always blame it one too many
Glens and Baileys.

1 thought on “Drunk.”

  1. That’s cute… I wish I had someone who remembers the small things in my life… Always thought that it’s the small things dat matters Dan the big one’s.. Like a kind gesture, a wink, a smile, a comforting hand.. Sounds like easy small nitty things but hard to find dese days… Born in d wrong time zone or the wrong parallel universe

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