We Dysfunction.

How comforting it must be love 

To grow old with each other 

Watch the sunset together, 

But but but lover, it’s not for us 

We dysfunction too much 

Play with the fire and dance with the stars 

We drink till dawn 

And we jab our arms with magic potions 

We walk on the edge 

Skip the ropes between human and divine 

Divine and the devil 

The palmist says I will live to 80

And I laugh nervously 

Wait what I say 

I see my end at forty-eight 

What will I do all that life I ask him 

He says I will be famous 

In the hall of fame 

I will move to Europe 

And that’s when I start wondering 

Where’d you be 

Watching sunsets with me

Or just being my sunset 

No love growing old together is not for us 

For we dysfunction too much 

But wherever we are 

We will laugh at the same sunset 

Telling anyone who will listen 

When people were too timid to get wet 

We danced in the storms 

No, we weren’t afraid to love 

With all we had 

They will say we dysfunctioned my friend 

But at least we will be remembered

For a long time to come 

It might be comforting to grow old with each other 

But then, when have we ever stayed in our comfort zones. 

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