For sale: My Engineering Degree, rarely used, in mint condition

I haven’t fiercely hated or feared anything
more than I did engineering
It was an absolute nightmare, every part of it
I love science, math
But, on the first day, it hit me
It wasn’t me
Not what I was meant to do
Every day was a slug
They dumped Laplace and Fourier
And all I wanted is a hint of Shakespeare and some Wordsworth
If that wasn’t enough
I was unintentionally infamous
Depressed and anxious
Then came the second year
Good Lord, and did it get worse
Most memorized every numeral, every circuit, all pluses
all negatives
Laplace and my relationship was a mess
That bugger was just possessive
and obsessed with transformations
He suspected me of cheating on him with Sidney Sheldon
I lost a total of 4 subjects that year
Every time I opened my books, my brain cells took a vacation
Fifty-one IC circuit diagrams
The same teacher who thought I conspired against her
I diddddddddinnnnnttt
The third year, my grades dropped
But life got better,
As usual, another antagonist arrived in the form of a teacher
He wanted to put an end to my ‘smart-assery.’
‘All she knows is good English,’ he lamented
But sir, t’was the truth
And in the final year, to everyone’s surprise, I graduated
Never fucking again,
No sir, I don’t know the noise transformer makes.
I don’t know what oil goes into it
try Olive or coconut
And let me know how goes.
And when it is your turn,

1 thought on “For sale: My Engineering Degree, rarely used, in mint condition”

  1. 😀 loved it. I never disliked pure science. (That’s what I studied, pure science not engineering.)

    But yeah, all these years later, sure. I’ll try coconut or olive oil. Keep machine grease away from me please, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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