We give love a bad name.

We give love a bad name
As you linger around the corner of my brain,
your face hovers over mine
Connecting neurons like dots on my black dress
Making me twitch, tingle and tremble
Cutting my T’s – like you powder your nose
inhaling, burning and releasing
I am already inside the premises 
while you are dotting my closed eyes
Your fingers race through my hair
like the keypad
finding the right password to get inside my head
You are a hacker,
Airplanes fly above us, their tail-lights as if chasing the stars
The west wind blows over the sea
As my fingers fish for your heart
you believe your lies to the center
mine to the left, walls, security checks, fingerprints and retina scans
for the access to your radioactive heart
But I am a spy.
I clench your heart, while you hold my mind

You rush through, I
take my time — I scramble signals
You tighten your walls
Intruder alert!!
Your army of cells clash with my military
knowing one of us will remain to clean the mess
Fighting in the dark, just lasers, no sound
Airplanes swoosh in the sky
as I breathe words in your ears
You go down as I glide
taking a longer route to my mind,
James Bond your way up.
I am the bride love,
shot in the head before
Ask Bill.

You are getting close
So freaking near, one leap of faith
I open my eyes, now mimicking yours
I need to get through
before you.
I drag you higher, as my eyes pass the test
the blade slides in the keyway of the lock
You distinguish
You know I have sneaked my way in
You call for a truce, but it’s too late now
the guns blaze
Your heart reacts, and my mind explodes
And we are stardust now
We see phosphenes fly

We give a love a bad name
In a bid to finish last
Mere mortals,
Fighting a war
You are just Israel, and I am Russia
You are all Yahweh
And I am 60 percent vodka
You shouldn’t have been allowed in
You wish to leave, but how
My mind is a prisoner of war, maybe
But your heart is mine now.

1 thought on “We give love a bad name.”

  1. The imagery that you depicted through your skillful usage of words created a thrilling experience for me as a reader, thanks for sharing such a wonderful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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