I am Difficult

I am difficult

Tangled like the curls on my head

Uneven, in myriad shades of bleach

Somedays I am a star

Other days I am the meteor

Waiting to strike the earth

I leave craters wherever I touch

I am your first shot of whiskey on a empty stomach

I am pungent, burning your throat

Driving you to the edge

And when I touch your stomach

You will feel me prick you

You swear off me, making a vow to not touch me again

You drink water, you bite something really spicy that makes your eyes water

And then eventually you start feeling the warmth

Engulfing every cell in your system

Hitting every nerve that makes you either scream or squeal

Because when you are alive, I live

I am your worst nightmare

Like a lightning,

striking the one thing you fear

And it’s too late

But then I roar like a thunder

Screaming for help behind the fury

I will hurt you like a nagging pain

In your knees

So that you know when you are going down

I am difficult love

By all means impossible

I am a cannon ball

Don’t hold me too close

I will make your skin crawl

But on nights you are quiet, I will let you bury your head

In my chest and lay there

As you sleep

Because I am also your solace

And I will watch over you

Like stars do

Night after night.

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