Tell Me

Tell me
Tell me what happened when you held my hands,
Did it burn?
Did you freeze?
Did you walk through the history of time,
Through the deserts,
where we once ran for refuge?
You tell me you feel;
I say to you that I observe.
What did you think when you kissed,
why did you then submit?
Why did your teeth sink in the sand
that is me?
Did I lure you,
why did we make a mess of the bed?
What were you looking for
In my eyes;
Were you searching for my soul
or just your reflection staring back at you?
And when you made your way inside
you broke the boundaries,
the laws of the ceasefire.
What is it that you were trying to conquer
me or your fears of the intensity?
Were you scared it would suck you in the whirlwind that was me?
And when I convexed, and you concaved
Did we trap the light between us?
You say you feel
Did you feel the teardrops roll down from my eyes
in your hands?
You shuddered, and I trembled.
Talked about your lovers and I merely smiled.
So how did it go?
Did we exist through it or did we live?

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