Mi Amor

My lover,
Is a pleasant surprise
Like a summer rain
Raindrops splashing against the rose petals in the spring
“Love never dies,” he says
It flows like water
Through crevices and narrow streams
Via scars and pores in the skin
Takes shapes of the moon cycles
“You will always carry me, my love
and I, you” he says
We are never the same again
For now, every time they call me out
They meet you
Traces you leave on my spine
And the art I leave on your neck
“Love, stop, lest you want me to walk out on this world for you,” I say
Let us meet somewhere
Wherever two minds meet outside these frail bodies
That hold our tender hearts.
“Empty yourself in me” he whispers in my sleep
I breathe like a heavy wind
Dust whirlwinds
engulfing him and me
Everyone runs for cover
But we don’t budge not this time
We see this through the rain
And the desert storms
Spring and cruel winter nights that stretch for ages
We don’t hide anymore, me and
My lover…

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