Love for you

My love for you is like the green

In your city

You cut me off to pave paths and tracks

To build your life, with stones and bricks

As if this world is yours

You forget it’s mine too

It’s been mine before you

You adored me first

Then I was forsaken to the dust

But, I continued to grow on your sides

All around adding beauty

Unperturbed by your absolute disregard

My love transforms into a million forms

Like on a gloomy morning

When skies are losing tempers

I add to your beauty in the dark

Patiently waiting for you to notice

To take at least an insignificant look at me

And you are so busy

To cast a glance or to even see

I bloom into wild little flowers

Of colours yellow red and pink

Pastels, hues and candy clouds

Smiling at your existence

But for how long

Till you realise I am gone

Believe me you don’t want that

Cause then your skies will pour

Your sun will burn

The wind will aid more sun and less you

And both will set you apart in flames

Of sparks that flew between us

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