Sleep Sweet My Love

Closer to another world
One step at a time
What do you do?
What’d she do,
When her mind is slowly dying
But her heart’s beating;
One beat at a time
Slower everyday like if it was preparing for a new journey.
Her mind raced back and forth
To when she was a little girl
And bricks and leaves were
What she fed her imaginary tree guests
They were back,
But where’d she find their food
In a concrete jungle

She lived with a stranger
He was full of life
She knew him from somewhere
Where! She wondered every time
He walked closer to her, crashed beside,
Whenever he moved she beamed
At times he felt like a soul friend
Other times a ghost
But he lit her face up when around he was
He was a human made from star-dust
In a field full of horses
He was a unicorn
When he danced
Colors flew as sparks

She tried to trace their history
He was still a mystery
Drew a blank every try she attempted to locate his chronology,
when he moved so close
As if they were breathing life into
The universe in unison
On a stormy night, when all hell flew wild
They were fire
Her tree friends cheered when they were close
They complained when he moved away

Her mind sunk every day
In darkness,
And then one night, her heart accepted defeat
Her sun brown face changed to a subtle red
Oh the beauty, passing away brings
But she was leaving him behind
His eyes were as if set on fire,
His red face lost color, he knew
The melancholy that’d follow
Sunrise would never be the same again
Storms were growing cruel

Hey you, have you seen pain?
Pain is when words fail and
Songs fail to soothe
It’s when you know and you can’t,
Depression is when you feel lifeless
While you are awake
And you see your love going away
Beat by beat, breath by breath
Moment by moment, all in slow motion
A motion capture,
Of your life that is a fairy tale in reverse
She held his hand, clasped it with whatever was left

Their faces so close as if at any moment
They were to become one
The connection formed through their nose
Wasn’t it how you connect, the pheromones
Her hair was left open as if to taste
Her world
Her frail body rested against his
While he held her close
She smiled,
He was her last look of life
Phosphenes mixed with his face
His eyes that can melt the sun
She cast her longest glance
Before finally closing her eyes
To sleep forever

He suddenly felt the chills
He knew then, what winter felt like
When her warm breath withdrew
Her grip loosened and her heart
Calmed down from the first time
While her hair still had some life in them
Her ears were closing the last transactions for the night
And he knew he had a debt to clear too.
As he lay her down to sleep
and leaned close to her left ear
Kissed the nape.
There wasn’t time; he had to do it fast
Before she leaves her body behind

He whispered those very words
She would before demons took over her mind
“Sleep sweet, my love,” he said
And a tear ran down his cheek
The time stopped, and his world came to a halt
Maybe temporarily, albeit for a long time to come.

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