Reach out to me…

Reach out to me
like I am all you see.
In this crowded city
Among a crowd of million beauties
Show me how to feel again
Touch me and let’s fly
Seek me out and let’s hide
In forests
Around mountains
Between narrow streams that flow down
Like melted ice in May
Let’s hang our prayer flags
And ask the wind to carry our wishes up above
Sit around a fire
Tell stories of lions and bears
About how they come out to hunt in the darkness of the night
Hold me tight
And let’s share warmth and a bottle of rum
Sway to the tune of a peaceful melody
Let’s lie under stars
And watch as time lapses and takes us along
Let’s call it a party
You, me and these little cuddle monsters
That we pet as let silence take over us
Smile, blush and make our faces turn red
Let’s watch the fireflies come out alive
At the deadbeat of midnight
Come to me love
And kiss me one mo’ time
Reach out to me
As the blood moon touches us one last time


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