I am angry

I have always been very very angry

Don’t you tell me not to be angry

When the first piece of writing

Was a letter telling mom I am running away

And the second was a suicide note wishing I died at birth

Don’t tell me not to be angry

When that one piece of fish would go to anyone but my plate

When everyone gets a piece of chicken whereas I only got some left over curry

Don’t tell me this anger is worthless

When they called me arrogant

Even before I learned to pronounce the word

Where I was a slut

Before even a man touched me

Don’t tell me to trust

When my mother was insulted

everytime they got a chance

They thought I was a child but they didn’t know

This child was cursed with razor sharp memory

Don’t tell me to be shush anymore

The last time you asked me to shush

A woman grabbed a 11 yr old me by the collar

And told me I was going to bring shame to her family

She was drunk

But I was a child.

Don’t tell me how my cousin is nice tolerant girl

I don’t care anymore if I am loud

She’d be too if you grabbed by the collar

And fed her left overs

Don’t tell me to trust

When everyone I loved

Has played with me a game of betrayal

Don’t tell I am being a victim

When the war inside my head

Either tells me to die or be killed

Don’t tell me anything

When sometimes all I want to do

Is strip naked

And show you the wounds

That are still raw

The skin that is still sore

From all the stabbing from the ones I loved

Don’t tell me that the war has ended

When I still live a nightmare.

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