When I die

Don’t say “Rest In Peace” when I die

I have never known peace,

A chaotic riot I have been

Don’t say rest, for ask my mum

And she will say, I hated sleeping

Or resting, for restless I have been

When I die

Gather around a table

Have a great dinner – keep it light

Fish and wine

With good music in the background

Some vodka, good quality hash

And talk to each other

Get to know my people

My tribe of misfits

Talk about my eccentricities and


Something that’s still humorous

Even when waterfall unleashes from your eyes

Laugh through tears

Or tear up laughing

Tell them how I woke you up

Because this one wacky idea I had

Excited me

Tell them how I took forever to move on from a boy

Narrate how I had these weird ass

Kidnap fantasies

And on a misty morning

I stood on top of a hill

And said “And everything else is an illusion”

And when you have finished your dinner

Say a good night

And as you walk out of my house

That midnight

Look at the star clad night

And say “Goodbye”

And smile — I promise

I will smile back from wherever I am.

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