My villain is a good man

The villain of my story is a good man
He despises the evil
He’s a man who’s not aware
That he is the evil
He reads himself on paper every day
“Oh Lord” he goes on to sigh
My poor villain
doesn’t realize they are talking about him
He doesn’t have a clue
For my villain is a good man
He helps every passerby
Goes out of his way, to see that they have a life
Give sermons against all the bad
he does
For he is oblivious
He says do not kill
He kills thousands in a single breath
He says do not lie
He is not capable of the truth
He says, disowns violence
He hires goons to beat up his wife
But my villain is a good man
He has his reasons
A strong validation
For the guilty deserved to be punished
He believes
And he punishes
For he loves them first
And he derides them next
My villain is a God on earth
He wants to heal
He loves to help
If you are lonely, he is like your self
But you have to worship him, you have to bow
For the villain is a good man
and he deserves his prize
My villain wants to be rich
to help the poor
He has empathy for someone
incapable of a feeling toward another
It’s his universe, and you are just a creature
A good man, my villain
He weeps for the dead, the same dead he
once mocked, he wished to kill
But he despises tyrants
He says their tears are watercolors
Now he sheds tears of blood
He doesn’t meet his flock
He graces them with his grandiose presence
He says “My people, I have been a victim”
His folk naive bears his wrath
Now he’s the hero they love to loathe
But my villain is a good man
For he believes so

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