My Body Remembers You

My body writes it all down

Notes every time she comes across another;

Every scratch of the nail against her bare back

Every flutter of your lashes

It remembers all of it in flashes,

Every tooth that dug into the lip

Drawing streams of red,

Every clutch of her waist

Trespasses and passing touches

Each whispered word on her earlobes

Every tug of her strands

If he is lucky she lets him inside her mind.

She relishes, savors the taste of him

But sometimes, she throws up

every cruel word he says,

He may not know her

But she remembers his hand print

His shoe size between her breasts

When he wandered through the valley

That connects her to generations that

Have passed on

She remembers the oppression,

The suppression against the walls that they built for her

She fights back, she caves in

She remembers every minute touch on her skin

Every aah that has risen from deep within,

She sees every look he throws at her

as a piercing glance that tears through her chest,

Sometimes stops at her breasts.

Some look through her eyes

He sees her light making love to her dark

He radiates the glow and he feels the burn.

She remembers how he smells

She inhales from him

every lease of life.

Her heartbeat against the side of his face

It doesn’t beat for him

It’s running it’s own race.

She writes it down

When you intrude,

As you enter the sanctum

and the sacristy, when you touch

Every forbidden holy space,

She only feels as much

As she allows herself to

She’s alive like a hurricane

She’s dead at times too.

She shudders, at times she roars

Lets it be but sometimes she scrubs

Her clean,

Banishing you from her zone;

I let her decide her vibe

For the body, they say, never lies

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