My World View at 25


1. We are actually stuck between Gen X and Gen Z. With Baby Boomers almost out of the equation (See the PMs Cabinet), Gen X think we are over smart for our own good, and Gen Z think we are too dumb. My little cousin just told me, “Arre that was your time, now things are different”.

2. Physical Limitations are real and no one seems to comprehend that. Thanks to our awesome working cultures and great lifestyles, it is just migraines to leg pain to backaches all the way up to abnormal growths.

3. Gynecologists and Proctologists are real. Ah… it is a painful process that involves stripping and wishing that it is not cancer.

4. Income Tax is real and please remember, cloth bills and shopping bills do not account for reductions. Damn them!

5. Weight fluctuations are real. Do you miss being size 0 / size perfect for years? Me too.

6. Apparently, cheese cubes and Nutella isn’t considered a staple diet.

7. Everyone is worried about your marriage, regardless of whether they are related to you or not. Like the famous Gabbar Singh, “Shaadi kab hai, kab hai Shaadi.” You are annoyed to a point that, even when your dog looks at you, you exclaim, “Et Tu Brute” (Brute, being the dog’s name)

8. You are in a relationship that’s in a consistent DTR mode, where you don’t know whether your mate wants to marry or not

9. Us against the world is all bullshit, the world will happily break us apart, and we might even cave in

10. Apparently, clothes aren’t going to wash/iron themselves, groceries aren’t going to walk home, food doesn’t cook itself. This whole magical process doesn’t happen anymore

11. All your friends are getting married and suddenly there is no common ground between them and you.

12. Career? What is that? You first tell me, what’s my package?

13. They tell you, you look pretty now. You are like, ” So I wasn’t before?”

14. In-laws of all kinds are real, brother sister mother father, and sometimes they are vicious creatures that Ekta Kapoor warned you about.

15. Money comes Money goes. Fuel bills Gas bills Electricity and phone bills are real expenses. Where did the days go where these bills were all miraculously taken care of, hmmph.

16. Being broke, hung over, dumped by your partner, friend zoned, being jobless, being lost and confused are normal feelings

17. PMS is real, you know that abrupt breaking down into tears, tantrums, mood swings, bitch modes are real. Unlike Sanitary Napkin Ads, buying Stayfree doesn’t make you win an Indian Idol. For the love of God, I would not move an inch from my bed if I had a choice

18. Greys are real, when mom told you umpteen times, oil your hair, you laughed it off? Now, do you see the strands shining like vampire skin in the sun? Serves you right!

19. Texting is no longer considered the real conversation. It seems we have to call and talk

20. Your wardrobe has a confused combination of clothes that you make you look like a kid, and those that make you look like a mother of 2, ones that make you look like a refugee and others that make you feel like its a ballroom party. No middle ground

21. Don’t even talk about shoes, apparently the one pair that goes with all your clothes doesn’t exist.

22. People are going to die, move away and life will still go on as normal

23. The world really doesn’t give a damn whether you are happy or in pain. Each one is finally left to their own devices.

24. Priorities will keep changing and so will things and people

25. Regardless, it’s awesome to be 25, because even Maharashtra Government allows drinking.

On a serious note, with quarter-life already behind, a million dreams to unravel, things to accomplish and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.

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