Insomnia Poem

It’s thirty minutes past two,

Oh my darling sleep,

Where are you?

I lose my mind thrice

This new beanbag

Is the silhouette of a man

Watching me

As I sleep,

Whoever thinks it’s sweet

Someone’s looking at you

When you are asleep

Dogs conspire in the dead of the night

No one believes me

When I say that

Doggo Tom tells Doggo Ray

About you and me

And how we kiss under the streetlight

I see a little girl behind a door

She vanishes as I close it

I tell her, no hide and seek

No dear not tonight

I need to sleep,

Maybe catch some zzz’s

But I hear a cat cry

I sigh

All I need is sleep

If only you had said goodnight

I would have slept tight

Too late now

You don’t reap what you don’t sow

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