Sand Woman

Last evening as the sun leaned in to kiss the sea

I sat at the shore

To watch the love making

While I made a throne for myself

And built a country around me

I sat in the centre

Of my nation

As the world grew darker

And addressed my residents

All of them

All of it

Made of fine sand

That grew on me

As the night progressed

And I told my residents

The conquests of my past

Dreams of my future

And the hope of the present

“My friends”, I said as I threw

Sand around the entire fort

“We are no exceptions to the rule”

More sand flew around

As many as my words did

The night grew darker

As I pressed on my chain made of beads

Of the mountain God

The waves lashed the shore

And grew closer

Threatening a war on my country

And I applied sand on my face

As I ran to attack the sea face first

I became the sand queen

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