My Man is MIA

So I like this guy. Let’s call him Dear Mr. Mistry. I am full of butterflies and rainbows in love with him. I adore him to bits. He doesn’t, he shouldn’t either, he has dreams to chase apparently. But then where is it written that someone you love has to love you back.

I am a person with borderline personality disorder. Well, I am not making excuses for my actions but my mind works a certain way. It pushes away people to the edge and when they jump, it rushes to get back to the centre. The drift is complicated. But long story short, I forced him to leave. Acted like a total loser and now we don’t talk.

I miss him. I miss him to bits. He was a wonderful friend I had and I am sorry. I am a wuss that is afraid of him not replying back so I stop texting him first. This is maybe second most stupidest thing I do first being making him go away.

Oh Lord. Come back you idiot. Because you are feet must be sore running through my mind all day. Well, he’s never going to see this anyway.

As for you, who have had the misfortune of reading this absolutely unnecessary detail of my life, I wish you have a great day. Sending loads of love your way.

Thanks for listening/reading/whatever.

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