At 03:00AM

The crescent moon outside my window, plants on the window sill

Air is still

Time is paused

Seasons pass me by

And the moon grows and dies

The plants are eaten by mice

Every night

As I am being killed in parts

Inside my head

Strength leaves my bones

Where my beating heart lay

Is now an empty space

My mind is weary from the battle scars

they ask me “who you are”

My feet want to run

And my non existent heart wants to fly

As I wait my time to come

The moon passes me by

Today it’s crescent

It’s going to disappear soon

Only to come back in whole

Nothing makes sense

What once was a fluid speech

Is now an incoherent stammer

Where once was rain

Has now a drought

Rebuilding is a mess of sorts

I fight, negotiate on what to keep

And what to forgo

The moon waits silently outside my window

At 03:00AM

Where once there was a party

Now is left with silence, moon

And me

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