Wake up!

I will never forget 2014,

What an incredible year,

I fell in love,

Germany won the FIFA cup

And 276 girls were kidnapped from a school

Some of them never returned,


Somewhere just adjacent to where we live

141 children died in a Peshawar school

And then Christmas came

And so did a new year,

But the children were gone forever

A three-year-old molested

Much closer to home

A teenager murders a child

And we said 2018 is going to be better

Another FIFA World Cup

Stones hurled at school bus, not from the capital

Another gun violence kills 17

Some would never return home

Will they?


All in school,

What we call a second home

Oh what a miserable world do we live in

Where history matters more than our future

Where gun laws are as delicate as the trigger in AK-15

Where radical views matter more than a peaceful world

Where filthy hands don’t hesitate before making their way into a child’s vagina

What a time to live in?

where our fury doesn’t outlast a viral trend

Where a movie trailer has more people talking about it


First, they came for them, we said

Hey look, we are holier than thou

Then they came for our neighbors’

We said it’s not ours

Then they came for a kid on drugs

We made memes

And soon they will come for our children?

Why isn’t the fire lit yet?

Why isn’t there an outrage?

Why aren’t we out on streets?

Why are we so apolitical?

Why are we so indifferent?

We weep for son of God,

When will we weep for that of our neighbour’s?

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